About the HCPOCA


Our proud force disappeared when Humberside Police was established on 1 April 1974.

HCPOCA (Hull City Police Old Comrades’ Association) was established in 1988. Many former Hull City Police officers then serving with Humberside Police missed the comradeship of those who had previously served within Hull City Police.

The objects of the Association are ‘to foster a spirit of comradeship amongst former members of the Kingston upon Hull City Police Force’; ‘to arrange for an annual reunion of members’ and ‘to arrange social functions for the members’.

To achieve these aims the Association holds an annual reunion dinner and meeting in November, produces an annual newsletter and hosts this website.

There are presently 277 members as far afield as Australia, Sweden, France and Hong Kong.

I hope you like the new site of the HCPOCA, an Association that is open to everyone, whether a police officer or support staff member, who worked with Kingston Upon Hull City Police.

Memories linger on whilst those who served remain. Have a look around and feel free to contact the Secretary, Steve Watson, should you wish to join.



Beginnings and Aims